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We are providers of Smart Bus Control & Automation Systems for home, offices, schools, hotels and more.

From lighting & climate control to audio control, Design Innovation provides the ultimate integrated automation solutions.

Design Innovation also specializes in energy efficient LED lighting products for commercial and residential projects.

Smart Electronics makes it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home or office, to intelligently communicate with another and give you the ability to control them, from any location.

It is simply about enhancing your everyday lifestyle with the convenience of controlling, entertainment, temperature & lighting which features automatic timers and sensors, so that as soon as you leave the room, the lights switch off.

Why Choose Us?

1) Less Resources Used
By Selecting Smart Bus there will be considerably less wiring, less conduits and less man power to execute.

2) Function and feature unlimited expansion ability
Smart Bus can be expanded directly from any point to many other Smart Bus systems. The system can bridge many networks tighter and each network can have upto 65,000 addressable devices on the same wire.

3) Product Versability
Smart Bus provides a complete solution for lighting and dimming systems, HVAC control, BMS I/O, Access Control, Wall Panel Switches and Touch Screens, Multi Room Audio, Power Meters and Analyzers, Energy Saving Sensors and Logic, Automation and Security Controllers, Infra red Networks, Hotel Guest Room Management Systems, SMS Modules, Wireless Tablets and Remote Control, Ballast, LED, DMX, DALI, EIB Modbus, KNX, Ethernet, Fiber Optic Bridges and Controllers, Curtain and Drape Motors.

4) Environmental Benefits
Smart Bus devices are green. These devices do not consume power while on standby, and while in operation, the power consumption is approx 24mA per device. It is an eco-friendly system that potentially decreases the wasted energy in the building, decrease carbon footprints, decrease wastage of materials of PVC such as piping and conduits.

5) Return on Investment
Smart Bus fitted residential or commercial structures are a value for money enabling a fast selling progress due to the current demand of automation solutions.

6) Aesthelics
Automation Solutions add to the ‘wow-factor’, thanks to the clever use of touch screens and remotes that are often used to control blinds, lights, audio equipment, etc.

7) Added Security
Home Automation can provide peace of mind whether you’re at work or away on holiday, the system will alert you to what’s going on with your home security.