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Advanced Security Controller: SB-DN-SEC250K
Security Command Module, Bus Enabled, Capable of Handling 250,000 Addressable Zones. Supports 8 different Estates/Owners using same module. Auto Arming/ Disarming function, vacation schedule and Life dwelling imitation with 9 daily schedules for Irrigation, Lighting, HVAC, Pumps ++. Advanced 15 Lines of Defense functionality enabling, (Auto Bypass, restore, Day, Night Zone, Arming Delays, Macros, SMS Triggering ++), Auto Gas Shut Off Functionality, Auto HVAC Control In case of Fire ++


Automation Logic Module: SB-DN-Logic960
Automation Module (240 tables, Each Table of 4 programmable Logic Lines) = 960 Line of Logics Each Module for Advanced Automation Using simplified (and, Or, Nand, Nor, with 255 Flags) Has Built in Time clock broadcast, Prayer Times Triggering, and PA Control, Personal & Medical reminders ++



SMS Module With Ethernet TCP/IP, BUS Bridging, and GSM Card Slot (receive up to 99 SMS massages and Transmit up to 24 Massages) for Problems reporting, security alerts, Safety Problems, and Any Automation Needs or triggers of events (remotely)



4 Zone Dry Contact Input Module: SB-DRY-4Z
It's Bus Enabled, used for Automation, to connect to any door window sensor, PIR , saves energy, supports 4 zones Security, Safety , and it is used for converting Classical Manual Switches into BUS use. Built-in intelligence and delay functions - Small in size, which can fit behind switch.

32 Zone Dry Zone Input Module: SB-DRY-32Z
4×8 Switch control module, for third party switch connection

6 Channel I/O Module: SB-DN-IO6/6
Input/Output module,Din-Rail mount, bus enabled, program assignable.