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Professional Hybrid Integration Link: SB-DN-232IP-PRO
Professional Hybrid Integration Link, DIN-Rail Mount, with BUS/RS232, 485 & IP/UDP, Bridge Converter (NEW MOLD) send up to 1980, receive up to 99 ASCII and/or HEX strings,work in all Baud Rates, 2-way Functionality for integration and status Update (Good For User Input Applications)




Bus/RS232: SB-DN-RS232N
BUS/RS232 Module, DIN-Rail Mount, for 3rd party HVAC integration, can send up to 1980, receive up to 99 ASCII and/or HEX strings, work in all Baud Rates.




Bus to KNX-EIB Interface: SB-DN-EIB
BUS to KNX-EIB Interface, 2-way Bridge Converter, DIN-Rail Mount, BUS Enabled, to Give full 2-way communication and make Smart-BUS as Family Member within the KNX-EIB Environment



Installer Programming Ethernet Port: SB-DN-1IP
Installer Programming Ethernet Port, DIN-Rail Mount, (Bus and Ethernet Interface), Can Be used Dual: (For Programming + As Network Bridge)